Project management
We support our clients in the professional preparation and execution of complex projects.

We live in an age of project work. Most project tasks have to be dealt with on an interdisciplinary and interdepartmental basis. In practice, few projects are actually completed in the planned time and quality, or fail totally, leading to considerable additional costs. Companies have to minimize the risks of project work.

We offer the following services:
evaluation, project idea, project plan
training of the project group including IT tools
coaching of the internal project management
independent project controlling
independent project management
SAP® implementation
Implementation projects have to be calculable and kept within the specified time and budget framework. Our long years of experience go into our practice-tested introduction method.

Our ready-to-go business solutions with the SAP®-certified software add-ons Sem.FUNDS.line and Sem.BUSINESS.line are already preset for the typical business processes of the real estate asset management companies and capital administration companies (AIFM).

Alongside best-practice data processing and technical concepts, we contribute a completely configured SAP® system with all business processes to the project which are adapted in defined workshops with the client. Business processes can be represented live in the system, so that customized adaptations can be identified in practice at an early stage and represented.

This means that the introduction period can be drastically reduced. We ensure a high level of user acceptance with practical project and user documentation and extensive training.

In most projects the migration of old systems is the greatest challenge in terms of complexity and know-how and the availability of resources. The methods and special software tools developed in the course of many migration projects allow an auditable migration path.

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The advantages of the SemTrac SAP® implementation:
You save time and money thanks to pre-configuration and project accelerators
Many years of experience with real estate companies and investment companies
Experienced teams of SAP® experts and industry insiders
Tried and tested tools
Auditable migration methods
System development
Our system development service offers solutions especially tailored to meet all your needs.

The focus here is on the optimum implementation of all the requirements for the system. This includes solutions for the migration of data from old systems, but also the development of interfaces to link the SAP® systems with other front-office and back-office applications which are not supported as standard.

We place great emphasis here on realizing additional functions which are not or not fully covered by the SAP® standard, using exclusively SAP® standard extension methods on the basis of SAP® development tools, so that the release-stability and the optimum support of the system are ensured. The best example of this is the development of SemTrac’s own SAP®-certified SAP® add-on Sem.FUNDS.line, using exclusively SAP® development tools without any modification of the SAP® standard.

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Advantages of system development with SemTrac:
Complete implementation of requirements
Individual extensions
Development of additional functions primarily with SAP® standard tools
Integration of new functions/applications not supported as standard
Organization and processes
We support our clients in the optimization of organization and processes to ensure a sustained increase in the efficiency of the companies.

The design of the management and organizational structure for the control of the real estate portfolio as well as the optimization of the real estate-related business processes are an important factor for a successful and efficient real estate management.

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Within the framework of these services we offer:
Process analyses and optimizations for:
Facility Management
Real Estate Management
With Sem.FUNDS.line you have a system for funds accounting that fulfills all of the technical, legal and strategic requirements of real estate investment management companies today and in the future.

Sem.FUNDS.line is a comprehensive information and reporting tool for investment management companies with real estate funds. Sem.FUNDS.line provides a sound basis for corporate decision-making as well as all the necessary data for fulfillment of the statutory reporting obligations.

Features of Sem.FUNDS.line:
Modular structure / selection possible
Statement of assets with daily share price calculation
Statement of operations
Fee calculation and accounting
Income adjustment
ZIV EU interim profit
Interim profit
Gains from real estate
Gains from shares
Investment compliance

Detailed information:
Produktinfo Sem.FUNDS.line.pdf

General presentation of fund-relevant processes and legal reporting obligations.

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Advantages of Sem.FUNDS.line:
Integrated in SAP® R/3, SAP ERP®, SAP S/4HANA®
Sem.PPM – Portal Property Manager
With Sem.PPM you have a platform for the high-grade automation of the data exchange with your property managers while ensuring high data quality and auditability.

The SemTrac solution Sem.PPM offers real estate investment companies and asset managers a platform for online data exchange with their external property managers.

In the “Real Estate Asset Management Report 2013” published by Bell Management Consultants, the asset managers identify the greatest challenges as, first, the interface to the property manager (PM) and, second, efficient process management.

But how can the data exchange with the external PM and the processes be optimized in terms of the system? How can the process of data exchange with the external property manager be designed in such a way that the owner receives all the necessary data while observing the requirements of the accounting system and compliance? And all of that on time, tested, in the highest quality and with a minimum of effort?

With the SemTrac solution Sem.PPM, the Asset Manager has a comprehensive tool for online data exchange with the external property managers via a standardized interface with real-time checking options and with predefined and automatic checking processes.

The data exchange here includes:
Posting data from the subledger accounting of the PM
Outstanding items
Rental data (leases and surface areas)
Operating costs

Features of the Sem.PPM platform:
Collection/upload of the data directly by the PM with online check (technical and formal) via web interface
Multi-stage release procedure with checking procedure (threshold values etc.) for the reported data
Integration of SAP FI for automatic further processing/booking after release
Integration of SAP RE-FX for automatic further processing after release (in the planning stage)
Historization of data

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Advantages of Sem.PPM:
The PM needs no new software, use of a standard browser
Access to functions and data by the PM limited to his data
Tried and tested SAP netweaver technology
Real-time check of the data when uploaded by the PM
Central data storage
Release procedure
Sem.iRisk allows the creation of portfolios and the execution of stress tests.ons.

Sem.iRisk is a system-independent solution for risk management and investment controlling of real estate. The risk management system includes a limit system that makes real estate-related risks transparent.

Features of Sem.iRisk:
Industry solution for real estate-specific key figures
Limit system with 20 key figures
Scenario analysis and stress test
Risk management tool for real estate portfolios
User documentation

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Advantages of Sem.iRisk:
Independent solution – Excel-based tool
Interfaces to external data sources
Functional, cost-efficient and rapidly applicable
Flexible interface to data pool possible
Simple updatíng of the transaction data
Sem.BUSINESS.line means flexibility, economies of scale and innovation.

The multi-currency and multi-GAAP Sem.BUSINESS.line Software Suite is basically a ready-to-go SAP® ERP system pre-configured for the real estate industry and supplemented by tried and tested process accelerators. The Sem.BUSINESS.line add-ons are developed in the protected SAP® namespace and can be set individually.

Sem.BUSINESS.line can be operated as an independent system or as a full-service ASP solution by SemTrac Consulting AG. The solution is aimed at nationally and internationally operating commercial real estate administrators.

Sem.BUSINESS.line is distinguished by rapid introduction times and is aimed mainly at small and medium-sized enterprises who do not want to do without an optimum system due to the costs.

Detailed information:
Produktinfo Sem.BUSINESS.line.pdf

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Future-proof solution:
Multi-GAAP capable
Ready-to-go standard processes
Multi-currency capable
Standard interfaces
Project accelerators
Integration of Sem.PPM and Sem.FUNDS.line
Investment compliance
Investment compliance is a tool for controlling the investment limits for real estate funds.

The software was developed taking into consideration the special features of the real estate special fund on the basis of a concept coordinated with users and authorities.

Features of the investment compliance:
Statement of assets for real estate funds
Program for investment compliance in accordance with InvG and InvÄndG
Calculation of the investment limits
Basic technical principles and calculation examples
Creation of scenarios prior to investment decisions
Can be extended by contractual investment limits
Reporting system

With investment compliance you have a tool for the calculation and examination of investment limits including scenario creation for real estate funds (public funds and special funds).

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Advantages of the investment compliance:
Customizing for investment limits and funds
Integrated in SAP® R/3 or SAP ERP®
AIFMD report (XML)
With the SemTrac AIFMD-XML reporting system you have a tool that allows you to compile the AIFMD reports simply and flexibly.

The SemTrac AIFMD-XML reporting system is used to fulfil the ESMA-defined reporting obligations in accordance with AIFMD to the national regulatory authorities. The data collection for the reports can be configured on a company-specific basis. The XML files for the AIFMD-XML report can be compiled at the push of a button.

Features of the AIFMD report (XML):
Master data maintenance
Data collection can be configured
Interface function
Compilation of report files at the push of a button
Validation check
User documentation

Detailed information:
Produktinfo AIFMD-XML-Report.pdf

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Advantages of the AIFM reporting system (XML):
Automatic fulfilment of legal requirements
Integration via connectors with your existing fund management system possible
Pre-configured connectors for SAP ERP® and SAP BI®
Also available in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS)
BVI report (XML)
With the BVI report (XML) from Sem.FUNDS.line you have a tool with which you can create BVI reports directly from SAP® in FundsXML format at the push of a button

From August 2009 all reports to the BVI have to be made in FundsXML format. Alongside general data on the fund development, real estate funds also have to report detailed real estate data. The module BVI-XML-Report from Sem.FUNDS.line is especially designed to meet the requirements for open real estate funds.

Features of the BVI report (XML):
Master data maintenance
Customizing for standard adapters
Can be extended by client-specific data procurement
Creation of a report file at the push of a button
Validation check
User documentation

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Advantages of the BVI report (XML):
Integrated in SAP®
Takes account of current transaction data
Basis for additional reports
Bundesbank report (XML)
The XML Bundesbank report gives you a tool with which you can create the current Bundesbank report simply and flexibly.

Bundesbank-XML-Meldung is used to create the current Bundesbank report (valid as of December 2008). The data procurement for the report can be configured according to the individual company. The XML file for the Bundesbank report can be automatically created at the push of a button.

Features of the Bundesbank report (XML):
Master data maintenance
Data procurement can be individually configured
Interface function
Creation of a report file at the push of a button
Validation check
User documentation

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Advantages of the Bundesbank report (XML):
Alternative forms of system integration
integrated in SAP®
SAP® Application Management and Support (AMS)
The SAP® Application Management & Support offered by SemTrac allows you to fully utilize the SAP® system in all its complexity.

The continuous optimization of business processes is an absolute must in a constantly changing business environment. In order to ensure the optimum utilization of the SAP® solutions, it is essential that the company's internal (multi-departmental) and client-oriented IT processes are constantly optimized.

SemTrac deals with the planning, implementation and subsequent operation of the SAP® systems and thus allows the client to concentrate fully on his core competences.

The SemTrac SAP® Application Management and Support (AMS) service model includes the fully documented and tested support processes in relation to incident and problem management, change request management and know-how transfer.

To ensure a high degree of user satisfaction and the permanently effective utilization of the implemented SAP® solution, constant optimization and extension of the system from the very start is essential.

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With effective SAP® Application Management and Support SemTrac offers:
Flexibility for changes in the business process requirements
Confident handling of the complexity of the SAP® system
Minimization of risks and operating costs
High degree of user satisfaction
Documented (auditable) support and change processes
SAP hosting/ASP
The Application Service Provider (ASP) makes applications, for example the ERP system, available to the client via a public network (e. g. Internet) or a private data network.

It regards itself as an applications provider and (unlike hosting) deals with the complete service/user support in relation to the application including, for example, data backups, updates.

The necessary software is rented by the client for use. This outsourcing in the applications area is quite common and means that the client does not have to deal with the administration and maintenance of the desired software so that the company can concentrate on its core business.

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Advantages of the ASP solution:
No IT investment necessary
Acceptances of services performed as required
Service model with User Help Desk
System security and certified computer center service
Selection of individual modules
Location-independent system access
IT infrastructure
You are looking for support in the installation and operation of IT systems, in particular computer networks?

We offer IT services from a single source and will be happy to support your company in the optimum integration of your whole IT infrastructure in the operational information flows.

We can support you in the following areas:
Server systems
Network components
Network operating systems
Terminal server solutions
Security/firewall solutions
Maintenance and support
Costs/benefits analyses
System optimization
Data protection

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Advantages of the SemTrac IT infrastructure services:
High operational security
Industrial standards
Collaboration with manufacturer-certified partners
IT services from a single source
Investment security
Cost-efficient, rapid on-site or remote implementation

The certification as an SAP® partner company distinguishes us as a strong partner with many years of experience in the SAP® area and a broad spectrum with the best possible system and software integration.

SAP® informs the partners continuously and extensively about new developments, but also about internal processes. Partners also receive exclusive access to resources in the areas of technology, marketing and sales.

SemTrac regularly participates in the high-grade SAP® trainings, and subjects the software developed by SemTrac to the regular SAP® certification process.

The German funds federation BVI (Bundesverband Investment und Asset Management e. V.) represents the interests of the German funds companies and portfolio managers with respect to politics and regulators on the national and international level.

Its 78 members currently administrate around 2 billion Euro in public funds, special funds and asset management mandates.

As an information member we take advantage of the wide-ranging services of the BVI in terms of
current investment news on the national and international level
changes in the legal, taxation and political environment
the information content with the focus on the German financial market
The Gesellschaft für Immobilienwirtschaftliche Forschung e.V. (Society of Property Researchers – gif) supports research work in the real estate sector and creates market transparency. It promotes the exchange of knowledge, also between practice and research, and supports collaboration between researchers and research institutes.

As a member we also use the wide-ranging services of the gif with regard to
integration in a far-reaching network of experts and management personnel in the field of real estate research
exchange of information
further qualification through events/seminars
ISC Innovative Systems Consulting AG is an IT consulting company focusing on the standard software SAP® ERP, SAP® S/4HANA as well as the whole area of network infrastructure and IT security.

SemTrac and ISC work closely together in the field of SAP computer centre services and software development.
conovum AG is an IT consulting company focusing on Business Travel, System Integration and Software Engineering. As an SAP® partner, conovum offers not only competent consulting services but also SAP®-certified products, comprehensive solutions and apps in the field of Business Travel Management.

SemTrac and conovum work together in the field of SAP technology and mobile application development.
Klaus Letzing
Jens Starkjohann
Peter Heinold
Klaus Letzing

Studies and state examination in Kassel; many years of professional experience in business consulting in leading positions with international consulting companies (KPMG Consulting – senior manager with power of attorney, IBM Business Consulting).

Klaus Letzing has been working in SAP® and management consulting since 1991 and played a major role in the development of SAP RE®.

Klaus Letzing is responsible for product development, corporate strategy, human resources and customer projects.
Peter Heinold

Studies of mechanical engineering at the TU Munich as well as postgraduate studies in economic science as master of business and engineering; since 1996 Peter Heinold has been working in the IT sector in various management positions; with the focus on SAP since 1998.

Peter Heinold is responsible for Finance and Risk Management.
Jens Starkjohann

Study of business management in Hamburg; many years of professional experience in Business Consulting in leading positions with international consulting companies (PwC Consulting – Senior Manager with power of attorney, IBM Global Business Services, Senior Managing Consultant with department management function).

Jens Starkjohann has been working in a consulting capacity since 1995 in the real estate industry at home and abroad, focussing on SAP ERP ® implementations and commercial real estate management.

Jens Starkjohann is responsible for partner management, sales as well as customer projects, and is director of the Hamburg branch.
An asset management company in Munich with open real estate funds decides to install SAP® R/3 with the new module RE for its real estate and funds management.

The later founders of SemTrac Consulting AG meet for the first time to contribute their joint know-how. A success story begins.
The system achieves top grades in the audit.

SAP® publishes an »SAP Success Story« for the first successful introduction of SAP R/3 RE® (Real Estate) with FI, CO, PM, PS and MM in a real estate investment management company with open and special funds.
As managing directors of Creativ-Consulting GmbH, Robert Breiter and Ulrich Schach continue to take care of clients in Munich. Robert Breiter plays a decisive role in the further optimization of the systems.
Maria Schwaighofer: Self-employed and foundation of SemTrac Consulting GmbH based in Kufstein/Austria.

Consulting for a wide range of real estate companies in the development and introduction of SAP®-based reporting systems, cooperation with Creativ-Consulting in the development of SAP® solutions for asset management companies, responsible for real estate investment management companies.
Klaus Letzing: After stops at KPMG, BearingPoint and IBM Business Consulting, self-employed. Initiator in bringing together the activities of Creativ-Consulting and SemTrac Consulting GmbH under the umbrella of SemTrac Consulting AG.
Foundation of SemTrac Consulting AG based in Stephanskirchen and successful introduction of the SAP®-based full-service solution Sem.FUNDS.line as an ASP solution for an asset management company in Cologne.
SAP®-certification of the Software Suite Sem.FUNDS.line.

SemTrac is an SAP Application Development Partner
Opening of our new office in Munich (branch office).
Jens Starkjohann: After stations with PwC Consulting and IBM Global Business Services strengthening of the team as a branch leader in Hamburg as well as board member.

Opening of our new office in Hamburg (branch office).
Renewal of SAP®-certification for Sem.FUNDS.line Release 2015
Strategic partnership with ISC Innovative Systems Consulting AG in Rosenheim
Peter Heinold becomes a member of the board of SemTrac. The following members withdraw: Maria Schwaighofer, Robert Breiter, Ulrich Schach.

The withdrawn members remain affiliated with the company as shareholders.
The SemTrac story

The best stories are the ones that tell of a great passion. The story of SemTrac is not yet very long, but the enthusiasm and the success that brought SemTrac to life and sustain it to the present day are still strong: our greatest success is when our clients recommend us to others.

»Sem«, by the way, is from »Solution Estate Management«, while »Trac« stands for »Trust and Consulting«. Professionalism, continuity and social competence are therefore not just slogans for SemTrac, but a constituent part of partnership-oriented customer relations.
Aachener Grundvermögen Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH
AM alpha GmbH
AXA Investment Managers Deutschland GmbH
AXA Investment Managers Schweiz AG
AXA Real Estate Investment Managers Paris
BearingPoint GmbH
BNP Paribas Real Estate Investments Management
Catella Real Estate AG
Commerz Real AG
Deka Immobilien Investment GmbH
GBW Management GmbH
Harpen Immobilien GmbH
IVG Immobilien AG
IBM Deutschland GmbH
MEAG Munich ERGO AssetManagement GmbH
mondial kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH
PATRIZIA GewerbeInvest KVG mbH
TRIUVA Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH
Union Investment Real Estate GmbH
SemTrac supports Union Investment with new software

Press release

Stephanskirchen, May 31, 2011

Founded in 2008 in Stephanskirchen, SemTrac Consulting AG is specialized with its consulting competence and IT services on the real estate sector, in particular on real estate investment funds and commercial real estate management.

SemTrac offers SAP®-based software solutions which can be integrated seamlessly and without delays in existing installations or added on to them. This also includes the professional migration of old systems which no longer fulfill the requirements.

After SemTrac asserted itself against the competition with its Sem.FUNDS.line software in a tendering procedure, the ambitious project began with Fund Accounts Real Estate, the responsible department of the client Union Investment: the introduction of the Sem.FUNDS.line Software Suite for the share value calculation of the open real estate funds of Union Investment Real Estate GmbH and Union Investment Institutional Property GmbH.

Fully integrated in SAP ERP®, the Sem.FUNDS.line Software Suite stands for the continuous representation of the fund-relevant processes and the statutory reporting obligations. The user-friendly software is distinguished by its flexibility and release-stable performance, but also by its modular, adaptable structure which can be individualized and optimized to suit the client's specific needs.

With real estate fund assets of around € 19.3 billion, Union Investment is one of Europe's leading real estate investment companies. Accordingly, the demands in terms of performance, punctuality and trouble-free operation in the conversion phase are very high.

Initialization started in July 2010, and in April 2011 the new software was to go live, so that there was just 8 months time for this major project.

Michael Herzog, director of the department Funds Accounting Real Estate commented: “The project is subject to a very ambitious time schedule… and demands a high degree of personal commitment from everybody involved.”

The SemTrac consultant team and the parties in the units concerned of Real Estate Funds Account Rendering, Controlling and Central Tasks Real Estate Management at Union Investment entered into a proactive partnership from the very start to meet this challenge.

Under the supervision of SemTrac managing director Klaus Letzing and the project managers Frank Kuchmetzki and Jan Wangermann on the Union Investment side, the Sem.FUNDS.line solution was used on the one hand to migrate the share value calculation – which had previously been linked via an SAP® periphery system – to a fully SAP®-integrated system. Parallel to this, the system was converted to an exact daily representation of costs and yields on the level of individual properties and the representation of several share classes within the fund.

After a successful test phase, the project “ImmoPreis” was able to start according to schedule in April 2011 after the go-live of the SemTrac software Sem.FUNDS.line.

SemTrac convinces PATRIZIA WohnInvest with Sem.FUNDS.line

Press release

Munich, November 22, 2012

In a selection process SemTrac Consulting AG was able to win over the decision-makers at PATRIZIA WohnInvest with its successful software Sem.FUNDS.line.

PATRIZIA WohnInvest is a real estate special fund that invests in modern, high-quality residential real-estate at premium locations. At present it has a long-term portfolio of 70 objects in metropolitan regions with stable yield and value. Alongside a stable cashflow and sustained profits, the investors expect individualized key figures, maximum transparency, efficient reporting and punctuality.

In order to be able to guarantee this at all times, PATRIZIA WohnInvest decided in the course of a selection procedure to opt for the software solution Sem.FUNDS.line of the company SemTrac.

SemTrac began with the migration of the old system in April 2012 and concluded the full integration of its Sem.FUNDS.line Software Suite in SAP ERP® in October. The old system was seamlessly replaced without any impact on daily business, and migrated as required and on time into the new, flexible and release-stable Sem.FUNDS.line platform.

The more efficient processes at PATRIZIA WohnInvest now ensure better process support with a generally high level of user satisfaction as it was possible to start the complete go-live after just a short introduction period.

SemTrac's high degree of technical competence and the smooth transition from the old system meant that the decision-makers at PATRIZIA also opted for the consulting company from Munich/Stephanskirchen in the conversion of PATRIZIA GewerbeInvest to SAP ERP®.

PATRIZIA GewerbeInvest switches to Sem.FUNDS.line

Press release

Munich, August 21, 2013

With its successful software solution for PATRIZIA GewerbeInvest, SemTrac Consulting AG is ensuring the best possible process support for its innovative modular concept in the area of open real estate funds.

With more than 600 employees, for almost three decades PATRIZIA has been covering the complete range of services in ten countries as an investor and service provider for everything to do with residential or commercial real estate. After taking over PATRIZIA GewerbeInvest KAG mbh (formerly LB Immo Invest), a provider of special funds, the company considerably expanded its portfolio in the field of commercial real estate and indirect investments. At the start of 2012 PATRIZIA decided, just as previously with PATRIZIA WohnInvest KAG, to opt again for the IT consulting company SemTrac as a strategic partner.

The software company with offices in Stephanskirchen and Munich has many years of experience with the complete integration of its Sem.FUNDS.line Software Suite in SAP ERP®: the old system of PATRIZIA GewerbeInvest was smoothly replaced and migrated to the existing PATRIZIA KAG platform Sem.FUNDS.line in a flexible and release-stable manner.

PATRIZIA financial manager Arwed Fischer was particularly impressed by the efficient processes in the representation of the unique international fund module system: “Given the high complexity of fund-relevant processes and statutory reporting obligations, we are constantly focused on maximum user satisfaction. For our clients, values are important. This is why, as a bank-independent investment company and full-service provider, we control and optimize the value-added chain for the whole life cycle of a property. For this reason we place the highest demands on our service providers.”

Just one year beforehand SemTrac was able to prove itself in the process optimization for PATRIZIA WohnInvest – at the time the migration took six months. This time the complete process conversion took almost twelve months due to the complexity of the task. “The challenge in such an extensive project with a complex migration is to stay within the specified budget,” says Klaus Letzing, managing director of SemTrac AG, commenting on the successful and punctual go-live. “As well as the uninterrupted daily operation during the whole conversion phase.”

mondial KVG chooses SemTrac as SAP® partner

Press release

Munich, August 27, 2013

In order to match the fund parameters precisely to the specific requirements of the investors and to continuously control and monitor the profit/risk profiles of real estate via special funds, mondial kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH chose SemTrac as its strategic SAP® partner.

mondial kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH was founded at the start of 2012 by experienced real estate and fund specialists as a group-independent provider for banks, insurance companies, pension funds and other capital investment companies. The focus is on individuality, flexibility and customer satisfaction.

For its first fund, a retail fund, mondial KAG was able to build up real estate assets amounting to €105 million within a very short time. In addition to this, a logistics fund and the mondial campus fund DI for student living were also successfully put in place.

“In order to be able to gain all the advantages in the tough competition for this niche segment, we decided in favor of the SAP® specialist SemTrac,” says mondial managing director Cornelius Hell. “We owe it to our investors to deliver individualized key figures and highly granular reporting according to the specifications in good time – this is the only thing that corresponds to our philosophy of sustained service provision.”

For the sector-specific solution, the IT consulting company SemTrac based in Munich/Stephanskirchen provided its successful software Sem.FUNDS.line – SAP®-certified, flexibly adaptable, with data warehouse-based data processing and an extremely high degree of user satisfaction. The migration was completed within three months and concluded punctually in February 2013 with the successful go-live. The release-stable performance as well as the modular, adaptable structure give mondial KAG and thus its investors the very just-in-time transparency and detailed recording that the demanding investors require. Thus mondial KAG can guarantee its investors excellent reporting, professional communication and meaningful analyses for the expected investment success.

With the capital investment company mondial recently having acquired six specialized market centers in Bavaria for its retail fund, there is nothing standing in the way of its ambitious expansion plans for autumn 2013. Thanks to the flexible, adaptable modules of Sem.FUNDS.line, SemTrac is helping mondial KAG to represent every fund and investor-specific requirement efficiently on its IT system.

“Our motto is to ‘think into the future’ and with Sem.FUNDS.line we succeed in this every time,” says Klaus Letzing, managing director of SemTrac AG.

Our clients are mainly investment management companies specializing in real estate management. In order to meet the demanding requirements of our clients we have a team of highly qualified specialists in the areas of project management, consulting and development.

Our success is based on responsibility, communications skills and initiative. In our company personal development is not restricted by hierarchies.

If you would like to contribute your skills and experience to us, then we would be delighted to receive your application which can be made in writing or by e-mail to

Privacy policy for online application
apply now
Your tasks:
Cooperation by conception, implementation and follow-up support of our SAP® certified solution Sem.FUNDS.line combined with SAP® FI
Developing concepts for customer specific solution based on SAP technologies and their implementation at our customers
Conception of processes in fund accounting and asset management

Your profile:
You have a degree in a commercial or technical subject
You are interested in finance and accounting
You already have basic knowledge in SAP® ERP FI
You enjoy the direct contact with the customers
Team orientation, entrepreneurial thinking and self-responsible work are self-evident for you
Willingness to travel
Our clients are mainly investment management companies specializing in real estate management. In order to meet the demanding requirements of our clients we have a team of highly qualified specialists in the areas of project management, consulting and development.

Our success is based on responsibility, communications skills and initiative. In our company personal development is not restricted by hierarchies.

If you would like to contribute your skills and experience to us, then we would be delighted to receive your application which can be made in writing or by e-mail to

Privacy policy for online application
apply now
Your tasks:
Software design, development and documentation of complex functional areas in our Sem.FUNDS.line standard software (ABAP-Workbench)
Ensuring a high degree of standardization at the software development
Specification, realization and implementation of customer-specific requirements within customer projects (ABAP-Workbench)
Creation of test scenarios and execution of tests

Your profile:
You have an education in the IT field or a degree in computer science
You already have work experience in the ABAP development (ABAP, ABAP OO, Smart Forms)
Good knowledge in SAP modules FI and RE-FX is an advantage
Team orientation, entrepreneurial thinking and self-responsible work are self-evident for you
Head office
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Branch office
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Branch office
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Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Eberhard von Radetzky
Chief Executive Officer: Klaus Letzing
Managing Directors: Jens Starkjohann, Peter Heinold

Company headquarters

Eichbichlstraße 1
D - 83071 Stephanskirchen
Phone: +49 / 80 31 / 4 08 99 0
Fax: +49 / 80 31 / 4 08 99 69

Registration court:

Traunstein Local Court (Amtsgericht) HRB 18409

VAT ID number

in accordance with § 27 a of the German VAT Act: DE 814990360
Privacy policy
Protecting your data is our utmost concern
Personal data
Intended purpose of personal data
Purpose-specific use of personal data
Recipients of personal data
Transfers of personal data to third countries or international organisations
Storage period
Your rights
Duty to provide data
Automated individual decision-making
Changes in our data protection provisions
Responsible for data processing
Data protection officer of SemTrac Consulting AG

Protecting your data is our utmost concern

We are delighted that you are interested in our company and our products and services, and would like you to feel secure when visiting our website in terms of the protection of your personal data. This is because we take the protection of your personal data very seriously. Compliance with the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) is for us a matter of course. We would like you to know when we collect which data and how we use it. We have taken technical and organizational measures to ensure that we are in compliance with the data protection regulations.

Personal data

You do not have to disclose any personal data to use our website. In certain cases (enquiries) we will require your name and your e-mail address, as well as some further information that will allow us to provide the desired services. The same applies, for example, if we have to send information material or answer individual questions. Where this is necessary we will inform you accordingly. In addition to this, we only store and process data that you provide voluntarily or automatically.

Intended purpose of personal data

We process personal data in accordance with the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the German Data Protection Act (BDSG)


to fulfil our contractual obligations (Art. 6 para1b GDPR)
The personal data provided by you is generally used to respond to your enquiries, process your orders, or give you access to certain information or offers. If you avail of our services, we will only collect the data that we need to provide such services. If we ask you for any further information, this shall be on a voluntary basis. We only process personal data for the fulfilment of the required service and to protect our own justified business interests.

Please refer to the relevant contractual documents and terms and conditions for further details on the purpose of the data processing.


for the purpose of balancing interests (Art.6 para 1f GDPR)
Insofar as necessary, we shall, beyond processing your data for actually performing the contract, process your data for the purpose of protecting our legitimate interests or those of third parties, e.g. granting IT use/security. For organizational and technical reasons, the following data is stored when our website is used: the names of the pages called up, the browser used and the operating system, date and time of access, search engines used and your IP address. We evaluate this technical data anonymously and exclusively for statistical purposes in order to constantly optimize our website and make it even more attractive. This data is stored on secured systems separately from other personal information.

Cookies: Cookies are small text files sent by a web server to your browser and stored on the hard disc of your computer. This does not apply to our website because we do not use cookies. In cultivating customer relationships it may also be necessary to use this personal data to inform you about products that would be useful to your business in order to meet the demands and requirements of our clients.


as a result of your consent (Art. 6 para 1a GDPR)
Insofar as you have consented to having your personal data processed for certain purposes (e.g. photographs at events, sending of newsletters), this processing will be lawful on the basis of your consent. Consent given may be revoked at any time. This also applies to revocation of any declarations of consent issued to us prior to the entry into effect of the GDPR (i.e. before 25 May 2018). The revocation of consent will only be effective for the future. It will not affect any processing carried out prior to revocation.


as a result of legal obligations (Art. 6 para 1c GDPR) or in the public interest (Art. 6 para 1 e GDPR)
Extensive documentation and retention requirements that we must fulfil may ensue from legal provisions under trade or fiscal law.

Purpose-specific use of personal data

We will only collect, store and use the personal data provided by you online for the purposes specified. Your personal data will not be passed on to any third party without your written consent. All of our staff are sworn to secrecy and obliged to observe the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Recipients of personal data

Within the company, the entities that need your data for performing our contractual duties will receive access to your data. Service providers used by us may also receive data for these purposes, provided that they are likewise bound by the GDPR. Further data recipients may include entities for which you have granted us consent to pass on data.

Transfers of personal data to third countries or international organisations

No data will be transmitted to entities in countries outside of the European Union (so-called third countries) or to international organisations.

Storage period

We shall process and store your personal data as long as this is necessary for fulfilling our contractual and statutory duties. Thereafter, your personal data will normally be erased, unless the continued processing of your personal data - for a limited period - is necessary for the following purposes:


for fulfilling retention requirements under trade or fiscal law


for preserving evidence under the statutory provisions concerning the statute of limitation

Your rights

You have, of course, rights concerning the collection of your data. According to applicable law, we are obliged to inform you of these rights:


Right of access (Art. 15 GDPR)


Right to rectification (Art. 16 GDPR)


Right to erasure (Art. 17 GDPR)


Right to restriction (Art. 18 GDPR)


Right to object (Art. 21 GDPR)


Right to data portability (Art. 20 GDPR)


Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority (Art. 77 GDPR in conjunction with Section 19 BDSG)

To exercise these rights, please contact the contact persons named at the end of this Data Privacy Statement.

Duty to provide data

In the course of our business relationship, you will need to provide the personal data necessary for taking up, implementing and discontinuing the business relationship and for fulfilling the contractual duties in connection therewith. Without this data we would generally be unable to conclude a contract with you or carry out or discontinue such contract.

Automated individual decision-making

In compliance with Article 22 GDPR, we basically do not use fully automated decision-making. No profiling takes place.

Changes in our data protection provisions

We reserve the right to change our security and data protection measures in accordance with the current requirements. In such cases we will also change our information on data protection accordingly. Any changes will be announced in good time on this webpage.


If you use any links offered within the framework of our website, this data protection declaration does not extend to these links. If we offer links, we always try to ensure that they comply with our data protection and security standards. However, we do not have any influence on the compliance with data protection and security standards by other providers. Please refer to the data protection declarations provided on the websites of any such providers.

Responsible for data processing

SemTrac Consulting AG
Eichbichlstr. 1
83071 Stephanskirchen
Tel. 08031-40899-0

Data protection officer of SemTrac Consulting AG

Daniela Fersadi

Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen
– SemTrac Consulting AG
– Jan 2018

1. Geltungsbereich

Die vorliegenden Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen gelten für alle Geschäftsbeziehungen zwischen der SemTrac Consulting AG und ihren Auftraggebern. Werden im Einzelfall im Rahmen eines oben beschriebenen Auftragsverhältnisses ausnahmsweise auch vertragliche Beziehungen zwischen SemTrac und anderen Personen als dem Auftraggeber begründet, so gelten gegenüber solchen Personen lediglich die Bestimmungen der nachstehenden Ziffern 8, 10 und 11. Für alle Geschäftsbeziehungen im obigen Sinne gelten ausschließlich diese Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen. Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen des Auftraggebers finden keine Anwendung.

2. Umfang und Ausführung des Auftrages

Umfang und Ziel der von SemTrac zu erbringenden Leistungen bestimmen sich ausschließlich nach dem zwischen dem Auftraggeber und SemTrac in Schriftform vereinbarten Vertrag. Vorbehaltlich abweichender Vereinbarungen schuldet SemTrac dabei nur die vertraglich vereinbarte Leistung, nicht einen bestimmten darüber hinausgehenden Erfolg. SemTrac ist berechtigt, sich zur Durchführung der ihr obliegenden Leistungsverpflichtungen auch Unterauftragnehmer zu bedienen, soweit zwischen den Parteien nicht schriftlich etwas anderes vereinbart worden ist.

3. Aufklärungs- und Mitwirkungspflichten des Auftraggebers

Der Auftraggeber erkennt an, dass SemTrac für eine erfolgreiche und zeitgerechte Durchführung der ihr obliegenden Leistungen auf die umfassende Mitwirkung des Auftraggebers angewiesen ist. Unbeschadet der im Einzelnen zwischen den Parteien vereinbarten Mitwirkungspflichten des Auftraggebers ist der Auftraggeber daher verpflichtet, SemTrac in dem für die jeweilige Leistungserbringung erforderlichen Maß bestmöglich zu unterstützen und in seiner Betriebssphäre alle zur ordnungsgemäßen Vertragsausführung notwendigen Voraussetzungen rechtzeitig zu schaffen. Der Auftraggeber verpflichtet sich, dafür zu sorgen, dass SemTrac auch ohne besondere Aufforderung alle für die Ausführung des Auftrages notwendigen Unterlagen rechtzeitig vorgelegt werden und ihr von allen Vorgängen und Umständen Kenntnis gegeben wird, die für die Ausführung des Auftrages von Bedeutung sein können. Dies gilt auch für die Unterlagen, Vorgänge und Umstände, die ihm erst während der Tätigkeit von SemTrac bekannt werden. Auf Verlangen von SemTrac werden Auskünfte des Auftraggebers in Textform erteilt, bzw. bereits erteilte mündliche Auskünfte in Textform wiederholt. Der Auftraggeber verpflichtet sich insbesondere, unentgeltlich sämtliche für eine sachgerechte Leistungserbringung von SemTrac erforderlichen Räumlichkeiten, Materialien und Infrastrukturleistungen rechtzeitig und vollständig zur Verfügung zu stellen. Dies schließt den Zugriff der mit der Leistungserbringung beauftragten SemTrac-Mitarbeiter auf die IT-Einrichtungen des Auftraggebers in dem Umfang mit ein, wie dies für die Leistungserbringung durch SemTrac erforderlich ist. Der Auftraggeber sichert zu, dass alle von ihm übergebenen Softwareprodukte und Datenträger auf darin enthaltene Viren oder ähnlich schädliche Programme anhand eines zum Zeitpunkt der Übergabe aktuellen Virenschutzes überprüft sind. Verzögerungen, welche daraus entstehen, dass der Auftraggeber seinen Auskunfts- und Mitwirkungspflichten nicht rechtzeitig oder nicht vollständig nachkommt, gehen zu Lasten des Auftraggebers. Vereinbarte Fertigstellungs- oder Leistungsfristen verlängern sich entsprechend. Dadurch entstehende Zusatzaufwände sind vom Auftraggeber zu tragen. Soweit der Auftraggeber bei von SemTrac zu erbringenden Dienstleistungen zu Mitwirkungshandlungen verpflichtet ist, gilt Folgendes: Ist bei einer von SemTrac zu erbringenden Dienstleistung eine Mitwirkungshandlung des Auftraggebers erforderlich, so kann SemTrac, wenn der Auftraggeber durch das Unterlassen der Handlung in Verzug kommt, den Ersatz der ihr aufgrund des Verzuges entstehenden Mehrkosten und sonstigen Schäden verlangen. Dabei muss sich SemTrac dasjenige anrechnen lassen, was sie in Folge des Verzuges an Aufwendungen erspart oder durch anderweitige Verwendung ihrer Arbeitskraft erwirbt oder schuldhaft zu erwerben unterlässt. Liegt ein im vorstehenden Absatz genannter Fall vor, so ist SemTrac berechtigt, dem Auftraggeber zur Nachholung der Mitwirkungshandlungen eine angemessenen Frist zu bestimmen und vom Vertrag zurückzutreten, wenn die Handlung nicht bis zum Ablauf der Frist vorgenommen wird.

4. Versicherung der Unabhängigkeit der Mitarbeiter von SemTrac

Der Auftraggeber wird die Abwerbung von Mitarbeitern von SemTrac, die unmittelbar an dem Vertragsgegenstand des jeweiligen Vertrages mitarbeiten, während der Laufzeit dieses Vertrages und im Anschluss daran für die Dauer von 6 Monaten unterlassen.

5. Berichterstattung, mündliche Auskünfte

Hat SemTrac die Ergebnisse ihrer Tätigkeit in Textform darzustellen, so ist nur diese Darstellung maßgebend. Alle Berichte, Gutachten, Ergebnisse von Untersuchungen usw. werden, soweit nichts anderes vereinbart ist, in Textform erstellt.. Mündliche Erklärungen und Auskünfte von Mitarbeitern von SemTrac sind nur nach Bestätigung in Textform verbindlich.

6. Rechte an den Leistungsergebnissen

Alle Rechte an den von SemTrac im Rahmen der für den Auftraggeber erbrachten Leistungen entstehenden Leistungsergebnissen stehen ausschließlich SemTrac zu. SemTrac ist berechtigt, solche Leistungsergebnisse unter Wahrung der Bestimmungen über die Vertraulichkeit in zukünftigen Projekten zu verwenden. SemTrac räumt jedoch dem Auftraggeber ein einfaches, zeitlich und räumlich unbeschränktes, nicht übertragbares Nutzungsrecht an den Leistungsergebnissen zum internen Gebrauch ein, soweit dies zur Erreichung des jeweiligen Vertragszwecks erforderlich ist. Das dem Auftraggeber eingeräumte Nutzungsrecht an einem Leistungsergebnis von SemTrac erlischt, sobald der Auftraggeber für die jeweilige Leistung mit der Zahlung der Vergütung oder eines Teiles davon in Verzug kommt und lebt vollumfänglich wieder auf, wenn der Auftraggeber die Beträge, mit denen er sich in Verzug befindet, an SemTrac zahlt. Soweit SemTrac für den Auftraggeber Software erstellt oder modifiziert, übergibt SemTrac dem Auftraggeber die Leistungsergebnisse ausschließlich im Objektcode.

7. Vertraulichkeit

Sowohl der Auftraggeber als auch SemTrac sind verpflichtet, sämtliche Informationen der anderen Partei, die als vertraulich gekennzeichnet oder den Umständen nach als vertraulich anzusehen sind, vertraulich zu behandeln. Beide Parteien haben durch angemessene technische und organisatorische Maßnahmen sowie durch entsprechende vertragliche Vereinbarungen sicherzustellen, dass derartige Informationen nur solchen Mitarbeitern oder Unterauftragnehmern zugänglich gemacht werden, denen gegenüber eine Offenlegung notwendig ist. Beide Parteien werden darüber hinaus sicherstellen, dass unbefugte Dritte keinen Zugriff auf derartige Informationen erhalten können. Die Vertraulichkeitsverpflichtung gemäß dieser Ziffer 7 bleibt auch nach der Kündigung oder Beendigung des jeweiligen Vertrages bestehen. Die Weitergabe fachlicher Äußerungen von SemTrac an einen Dritten durch den Auftraggeber bedarf der vorherigen Zustimmung in Textform von SemTrac, soweit die Parteien nicht etwas anderes in Textform vereinbaren. In Abweichung von den vorstehenden Bestimmungen dieser Ziffer ist SemTrac berechtigt, die Tatsache des Auftragsverhältnisses, ihre konkrete Tätigkeit und das Logo des Auftraggebers als Referenz zu verwenden.

8. Datenschutz und Datensicherheit

Beide Vertragsparteien verpflichten sich zur Einhaltung sämtlicher einschlägiger datenschutzrechtlicher Vorschriften. Beide Vertragsparteien werden personenbezogene Daten, die ihnen im Rahmen ihres Vertragsverhältnisses zugänglich gemacht werden, allein für die Zwecke der Erfüllung ihrer jeweiligen Vertragspflichten nutzen und gegen Zugang und Kenntnisnahme durch Dritte schützen.

9. Haftung auf Schadenersatz und Aufwendungsersatz

Soweit es um Schadenersatz oder Ersatz vergeblicher Aufwendungen geht, haftet SemTrac für sämtliche sich ergebende Schäden, gleich ob aus Vertragsverletzung oder unerlaubter Handlung, nur nach Maßgabe der folgenden Absätze: Bei grober Fahrlässigkeit haftet SemTrac nur bis zu einem Betrag in Höhe des 10-fachen ihres für den betreffenden Auftrag vereinbarten Honorars (ausschließlich allfälliger Auslagenersätze), höchstens aber bis zu einem Betrag von EUR 2,5 Millionen. Bei einfacher Fahrlässigkeit haftet SemTrac nur, wenn eine wesentliche Vertragspflicht verletzt wurde. In diesem Fall ist die Haftung auf den typischen vorhersehbaren Schaden begrenzt. In allen übrigen Fällen einfacher Fahrlässigkeit ist die Haftung ausgeschlossen. Bei verschuldensunabhängiger Haftung für während des Verzugs eintretende Schäden ist die Haftung von SemTrac ebenfalls auf den typischen vorhersehbaren Schaden begrenzt. Bei Vorsatz haftet SemTrac nach den gesetzlichen Vorschriften.

10. Vergütung

SemTrac hat neben ihrem Vergütungsanspruch einen Anspruch auf Erstattung ihrer Auslagen, soweit im Vertrag nichts Anderes bestimmt ist. Die Umsatzsteuer wird zusätzlich berechnet. SemTrac kann angemessene Vorschüsse auf Vergütung und Auslagenersatz verlangen und die Auslieferung bzw. Erbringung ihrer Leistung von der vollen Befriedigung ihrer Ansprüche abhängig machen. Soweit nicht ausdrücklich ein Fest-/Pauschalpreis vereinbart ist, schuldet der Auftraggeber die Zahlung einer Vergütung nach geleistetem Aufwand. Kommt der Auftraggeber mit der Zahlung der Vergütung in Verzug, ist SemTrac berechtigt, Verzugszinsen in Höhe von 8 (acht) Prozentpunkten über dem Basiszinssatz p.a. zu verlangen. In diesem Fall ist SemTrac außerdem berechtigt, die Leistungserbringung bis zur vollständigen Zahlung der fälligen Vergütung einzustellen, ohne dass SemTrac in Verzug gerät. Vereinbarte Fertigstellungstermine oder Leistungsfristen verlängern sich in diesem Fall um die Dauer des Zahlungsverzugs.

11. Pflicht zur Rückgabe von Unterlagen

Die vom Auftraggeber an SemTrac überlassenen Unterlagen sind dem Auftraggeber auf Verlangen, spätestens aber nach vollständiger Leistungserbringung durch SemTrac, wieder auszuhändigen, es sei denn, der Auftraggeber ist im Rahmen seiner Mitwirkungspflichten zur Überlassung der fraglichen Unterlagen an SemTrac verpflichtet. SemTrac hat die Unterlagen auch bei Kündigung des Vertrages oder bei Rechtsstreitigkeiten auf Verlangen des Auftraggebers unverzüglich herauszugeben. SemTrac ist jederzeit berechtigt, Kopien der Unterlagen zu ihren Akten zu nehmen, um den ordnungsgemäßen Projektverlauf und die Projektergebnisse zu dokumentieren. Zu diesem Zwecke ist SemTrac berechtigt, von den Unterlagen, die ihr vom Auftraggeber überlassen worden sind, digitale Dokumente, Abschriften oder Fotokopien anzufertigen und zurückzuhalten.

12. Verjährung

Ansprüche aus nichtvorsätzlichen Pflichtverletzungen von SemTrac im Zusammenhang mit der Erbringung von Leistungen im Rahmen dieses Vertrages verjähren nach Ablauf von zwei Jahren nach Entstehen des Anspruchs. Diese Regelung gilt nicht für Ansprüche, die auf einem arglistigen Verhalten von SemTrac beruhen.

13. Allgemeines

Diese Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen unterliegen deutschem Recht. Gerichtsstand für sämtliche Streitigkeiten aus dem Vertragsverhältnis zwischen dem Auftraggeber und SemTrac ist Traunstein. Sämtliche zum Zeitpunkt des Vertragsabschlusses getroffenen Abreden, welche von den Bestimmungen dieser Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen abweichen, bedürfen zu ihrer Rechtswirksamkeit der Textform. Auf dieses Formerfordernis kann nur in Textform verzichtet werden. Bei Ereignissen höherer Gewalt, unverschuldeten Netzwerkausfällen oder ähnlichen vergleichbaren Umständen, die von keiner Partei zu vertreten sind, haftet keine Partei der anderen für eine aufgrund der höheren Gewalt entstehenden Verzögerung oder Nichterfüllung der Leistung. Sollte eine Bestimmung dieser Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen ungültig oder undurchsetzbar sein, so bleiben die übrigen Bestimmungen hiervon unberührt. Soweit die vorliegenden Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen Regelungen enthalten, die von denen der zwischen den Parteien geschlossenen Einzelverträge abweichen, gehen die Regelungen der Einzelverträge vor.