System development

Regardless of whether SAP® projects are designed to replace the existing IT landscape, or new applications and upgrades are to be integrated in the existing system – our system development service offers solutions especially tailored to meet all your needs.

The focus here is on the optimum implementation of all the requirements for the system. This includes solutions for the migration of data from old systems, but also the development of interfaces to link the SAP® systems with other front-office and back-office applications which are not supported as standard.

We place great emphasis here on realizing additional functions which are not or not fully covered by the SAP® standard, using exclusively SAP® standard extension methods on the basis of SAP® development tools, so that the release-stability and the optimum support of the system are ensured. The best example of this is the development of SemTrac’s own SAP®-certified SAP® add-on Sem.FUNDS.line, using exclusively SAP® development tools without any modification of the SAP® standard.

Advantages of system development with SemTrac:

  • Complete implementation of requirements
  • Individual extensions
  • Development of additional functions primarily with SAP® standard tools
  • Integration of new functions/applications not supported as standard