SAP® Application Management and Support (AMS)

The continuous optimization of business processes is an absolute must in a constantly changing business environment. In order to ensure the optimum utilization of the SAP® solutions, it is essential that the company's internal (multi-departmental) and client-oriented IT processes are constantly optimized.

The SAP® Application Management & Support offered by SemTrac allows you to fully utilize the SAP® system in all its complexity.

SemTrac deals with the planning, implementation and subsequent operation of the SAP® systems and thus allows the client to concentrate fully on his core competences.

The SemTrac SAP® Application Management and Support (AMS) service model includes the fully documented and tested support processes in relation to incident and problem management, change request management and know-how transfer.

To ensure a high degree of user satisfaction and the permanently effective utilization of the implemented SAP® solution, constant optimization and extension of the system from the very start is essential.

With effective SAP® Application Management and Support SemTrac offers:

  • Flexibility for changes in the business process requirements
  • Confident handling of the complexity of the SAP® system
  • Minimization of risks and operating costs
  • High degree of user satisfaction
  • Documented (auditable) support and change processes