Sem.PPM – Portal Property Manager

The SemTrac solution Sem.PPM offers real estate investment companies and asset managers a platform for online data exchange with their external property managers.

In the “Real Estate Asset Management Report 2013” published by Bell Management Consultants, the asset managers identify the greatest challenges as, first, the interface to the property manager (PM) and, second, efficient process management.

But how can the data exchange with the external PM and the processes be optimized in terms of the system? How can the process of data exchange with the external property manager be designed in such a way that the owner receives all the necessary data while observing the requirements of the accounting system and compliance? And all of that on time, tested, in the highest quality and with a minimum of effort?

With the SemTrac solution Sem.PPM, the Asset Manager has a comprehensive tool for online data exchange with the external property managers via a standardized interface with real-time checking options and with predefined and automatic checking processes.

The data exchange here includes:

  • Posting data from the subledger accounting of the PM
  • Outstanding items
  • Rental data (leases and surface areas)
  • Measures
  • Operating costs

Features of the Sem.PPM platform:

  • Collection/upload of the data directly by the PM with online check (technical and formal) via web interface
  • Multi-stage release procedure with checking procedure (threshold values etc.) for the reported data
  • Integration of SAP FI for automatic further processing/booking after release
  • Integration of SAP RE-FX for automatic further processing after release (in the planning stage)
  • Reporting
  • Historization of data

With Sem.PPM you have a platform for the high-grade automation of the data exchange with your property managers while ensuring high data quality and auditability.

Advantages of Sem.PPM:

  • The PM needs no new software, use of a standard browser
  • Access to functions and data by the PM limited to his data
  • Tried and tested SAP netweaver technology
  • Real-time check of the data when uploaded by the PM
  • Central data storage
  • Release procedure