The multi-currency and multi-GAAP Sem.BUSINESS.line Software Suite is basically a ready-to-go SAP® ERP system pre-configured for the real estate industry and supplemented by tried and tested process accelerators. The Sem.BUSINESS.line add-ons are developed in the protected SAP® namespace and can be set individually.

Sem.BUSINESS.line can be operated as an independent system or as a full-service ASP solution by SemTrac Consulting AG. The solution is aimed at nationally and internationally operating commercial real estate administrators.

Sem.BUSINESS.line is distinguished by rapid introduction times and is aimed mainly at small and medium-sized enterprises who do not want to do without an optimum system due to the costs.

Detailed information:
Produktinfo Sem.BUSINESS.line.pdf

Sem.BUSINESS.line means flexibility, economies of scale and innovation.

Future-proof solution:

  • Multi-GAAP capable
  • Ready-to-go standard processes
  • Multi-currency capable
  • Standard interfaces
  • Project accelerators
  • Integration of Sem.PPM and Sem.FUNDS.line