The management of SemTrac Consulting AG

Maria Schwaighofer (chairperson)
Studies of business management in Innsbruck and New Orleans; many years of practical experience in leading positions with international commercial and consulting companies in the real estate sector (including KPMG Consulting). The technical specialization of Maria Schwaighofer lies in the rendering of accounts in compliance with investment law of real estate asset management companies and the technical and organizational expertise for the selection and implementation of integrated ERP systems such as SAP ERP®. She is responsible for product development, corporate strategy, personnel and client projects.

Robert Breiter
Studies of IT at the TU Munich; development of systems for process monitoring and control; for many years a management function in the development of applications for real estate administration companies and member of the management board of an IT consulting company. Robert Breiter is responsible for the complete individual and product development as well as client projects.

Klaus Letzing
Studies and state examination in Kassel; many years of professional experience in business consulting in leading positions with international consulting companies (KPMG Consulting – senior manager with power of attorney, IBM Business Consulting). Klaus Letzing has been working in SAP® and management consulting since 1991 and played a major role in the development of SAP RE®. Klaus Letzing is responsible for sales, marketing, partner management and client projects.

Ulrich Schach
Banking apprenticeship; studies of business management in Cologne and the USA; trainee program at RWE followed by management functions. Since 1987 Ulrich Schach has been working in various management functions in the IT sector, specializing since 1997 in the real estate sector. Ulrich Schach is responsible for finance and risk management.

Jens Starkjohann
Study of business management in Hamburg; many years of professional experience in Business Consulting in leading positions with international consulting companies (PwC Consulting – Senior Manager with power of attorney, IBM Global Business Services, Senior Managing Consultant with department management function). Jens Starkjohann has been working in a consulting capacity since 1995 in the real estate industry at home and abroad, focussing on SAP ERP ® implementations and commercial real estate management. Jens Starkjohann is responsible for product strategy and sales as well as customer projects, and is manager of the Hamburg branch.