Investment compliance

Investment compliance is a tool for controlling the investment limits for real estate funds. The software was developed taking into consideration the special features of the real estate special fund on the basis of a concept coordinated with users and authorities.

Features of the investment compliance:

  • Statement of assets for real estate funds
  • Program for investment compliance in accordance with InvG and InvÄndG
    • Calculation of the investment limits
    • Basic technical principles and calculation examples
    • Creation of scenarios prior to investment decisions
    • Can be extended by contractual investment limits
  • Reporting system

With investment compliance you have a tool for the calculation and examination of investment limits including scenario creation for real estate funds (public funds and special funds).

Advantages of the investment compliance:

  • User-friendly
  • Customizing for investment limits and funds
  • Integrated in SAP® R/3 or SAP ERP®
  • Release-stable